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Reviews from Residents at Monticello Apartments

Let me start off by saying…Thank You to RBG Properties, the Monticello Property Mgmt staff: PJ, Nicole, and Thea, also to all the maintenance staff and grounds keeper staff…Thank you! 

Now, I am just smitten with my Townhouse…I love it…I moved into exactly what I wanted and was looking for!! Its carefree living…reasonable rental fee for any living and storage space offered…great ON SITE storage…holiday and seasonal spirit filled Property Mgmt staff…great school district, I would give it a grading/rating of A or 9-10…my surrounding neighbors are hardworking, I must say, however, they are polite and cordial, if and when you do see them…lol!!

Now, yes, of course there are cons to the pros within living here, but they are minor issues that can, will, and are getting taken care of, if they haven’t been addressed already…ASAP!! So no need to dwell on that…at the end of the day…I am proud and glad to be a resident of Monticello Townhomes and Apartments!! 

~ Current Resident

I love living here…it has been a blessing moving here! Thank you! Beautiful and comfortable living!

~ Current Resident

I have been here almost a year now and I renewed my lease for another year. If I didn’t loved the Monticello Apts and the people here or I wouldn’t have done it. The people in the office and all the other workers are very nice and very helpful. So very helpful that I experienced an emergency health issue where an ambulance was needed. All I did was I’d called the office and everyone from the office and the other workers were there for me. Everything went so smoothly it’s unbelievable and I can’t thank them enough. I could not ask for anything better. They showed how much they cared. I can’t thank them enough for their help and support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!

It’s very peaceful here and all of the neighbors are great even the children are well behaved, kind, and considerate, well it’s very nice here and you should come here and see for yourself and join us.

~ Bill Y.

We have been residents of this community for about two years. I have nothing but positive things to say about Monticello Apartments. Ever since the new management took over it has been nothing but positive experiences. They have spared no expense to give this place a new look. Last year they put all new roofs on and mulched and landscaped not one but all of their buildings. This year they are starting to put new siding on all of the buildings to make them look great. This place has come a long way since we moved in. The management team is great. Pj and Tony are some of the nicest people I have ever met. They are on top of things. If somethings breaks there is no putting it off; they will fix it right the first time. No shady work, No trying to duck tape and super glue. I have had very pleasant interaction with both management and maintenance staff.

My wife and I had upgraded from one of there apartments to a townhouse after our son was born. The town house is so nice. Our son is disabled and need strict heating and cooling requirements. When I let Pj and Tony know that the heating and cooling system was not working properly they did what they do best: they addressed the problem immediately. Stefan and the maintenance staff are the best. Although my problem was difficult to troubleshoot they did not find excuses like other apartment management companies do, only Solutions. I recommend this community to everyone I come across.

~ Long Time Resident

My experience here at Monticello Apartments has been nothing less than great! The personnel in the office are always kind and courteous. The maintenance staff are also kind and efficient. The office management always makes sure that the residents are satisfied. My experience here could not be any better.

~ Happy Resident

Monticello apartments was on my list to check out when looking for a new home. One day I drove by it and decided to check it out after I saw the new management signs. The manager showed me the apartment and I was really surprised at how spacious and clean the apartments are. The apartments are being renovated, so the outside was a little less then I had expected, but the inside made all of the difference! I have fallen in love with the place. Even my neighbors are AMAZING — AND QUIET! The price is AFFORDABLE! I have lived here for a month now and I have never been happier with an apartment complex before. If you’re thinking about moving to this place, DO IT! you will not be dissatisfied!!

~ Happy Resident

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